PN Philippines Scholars Defend their Thesis

It's been almost a week since the defense of our thesis for the First Semester in Software Engineering. Yet the sound of the word defense and the mixed expression on the faces of my classmates after walking out from CEAC still lingers in my head.

It was a fine Saturday morning. Everyone was surprisingly early at school, except for some who still rushes to the internet cafes to print some documents for their defense. It was quite a busy day, which added a thrill sensation of facing a panel of professionals that would certainly ask questions about our study, from technical things to all sort of topics about Software Engineering.

There were five groups all in all with eight members each, except for one which has seven. The first group to face the panel was Team ‘Kinect’ headed by Mr. Mark Kevin Olores who is currently having his internship at Aboitiz Equity Ventures. They presented and defended their thesis to the best that they could. After the first group's moment of truth, the panel and guests were revealed. Supposed to be, three faculty members from the Computer Engineering Department will serve as the members of the panel, but unfortunately only two were available. Aside from the panel, special guests were also present. These include Madam Julie Tardieu, PN Philippines Education Manager, Mr. Guillaume Le Cousine, IT Head and Mr. Rhey Anthony Laurente, a PN Philippines Alumni who represents Zoog Technologies, Inc. 

Next group to impress the panel was ‘Tsuki’ team with Ms. Kriszia Cutamora as their leader who is currently an intern at NEC. Though they had a little idea on how things were going inside based on the first group's feedbacks, responding to questions was tough. The  third team, ‘Pro-Beginners’, with Mr. Neil Jayson Dañe as the Project Manager and an  intern from Accenture, also shared the same fate with the first two. But I'm pretty sure they were able to answer most of the questions as smiles were very visible on their faces when they came out of CEAC room. The fourth group entered the room without any hesitation in order to end the somewhat extended misery of tensions. Lead by Mr. Pedro Libradilla, an intern from NCR, ‘Team Poraree’ squeezed out the remaining of their strength to answer all the questions from the panel.

During this time, my calm mind seemed to start rewinding oddly all the things I prepared for our presentation. Every now and then, I kept noticing my team mates glancing at the door which made me feel more nervous. The fourth group came out, a signal for our group to be ready.  Though we have the most advantage since we were able to gather lots of feedbacks with the panel’s questions, the feeling of uneasiness seemed to consume us. DS2, our group, headed by our Project Manager, Ms. Khristine Censon who is an intern from Trends and Technologies, tried the very best to present and defend our thesis. Nevertheless we managed to make it to the end, with discussions which I think as the weirdest of all the groups since we received lesser questions from the panel and more discussions between our client (Zoog Technologies Inc.), our advisers and the panel. 

Everything suddenly felt light after the end of our defense. Sharing of experiences and picture taking were the highlight at that moment. But it was not yet the end of it, because our grades are yet to be announced after. That instance, the feeling of tiredness was visible on the eyes of everyone. Some tried to take a nap. Others continued chatting, while others were busy posing in front of the camera. Then finally the result was announced. It was a merry moment after hearing from our adviser that all had passed the defense. The sound of relief was very audible in the cozy room. It was a great relief, after all the numerous sleepless nights, weeks of preparation, research, documentation and some sacrifices.

However, we couldn’t have done it without our advisers – without their lectures, advices, emails, text messages and most specially support. They were the first to believe that even if we are not taking full Computer Engineering courses, still we, Passerelles Numeriques scholars can do it. For us, who works almost 5 days a week, a collaborative project to be accomplished in a month or two with scattered members seem to be impossible to accomplish.
Yet our advisers always tell us that we can do it! With proper time management, plus following the principles of Software Engineering and probably lesser TGIFs, we were able to make it. All these are because of our best advisers and instructors, Mr. Godwin S. Monserate and Mr. Gran Sabandal!

In behalf of all PN scholars, by writing this article, I would like to express my gratitude to these great people who helped us a lot in accomplishing this event. It was a great attainment for us and we are proud that we are the first batch to experience such opportunity as PN scholars. I hope that our younger fellow scholars would learn as much as what we have learned from you. The first phase had passed; we hope that you would still be there in the second phase of our projects. We know that the next phase will be harder, but we now fully believe that we can do it. You have let us experienced what we thought was impossible to do; now we will make sure that this second phase will surely happen and will be more successful than the first one!


Nice artilce...
Defense is over... One more to go... Go Team we can make it.. Thanks Sir Godwin and Sir Gran...

nice... :):):) i love it!!! :)

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nice one really had a tough time during that day..........hope ndi ma over da bakod grades natin next sem........CODDDDDDDDDDDDINGGGGG! wew no suitable resources for now =( helllllllllllpppppppppppppp

like it kuya., inspired man sad ta..:)

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nice 1... i remember the days. when we encountered like that!!!

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