Site Does't Work in IE?

I was using firefox as a browser in in viewing my the output of the php application i made to the company where i am having my intership now. It was a straight road during the production of the application. But one time when i test if the application is a cross browser application, then one shocking output i didn't expect IE keeps on prompting an error what the big problem is i didn't what how would i trace the error sense i doesn't have "contol+shift+j" to view errors unlike firefox and chrome what ive done first is i trace the script manually huh =( doest work..Then i ask on how to trace bugs on IE then i got this link link here will sounds ok. I was shocked when i discovered, after all the time ive wasted it is the comma. Well that was an experience then atleast i know now how to debug IE hehehe...I was amaze how powerful the comma is.


ah!.. thanks a lot i really helps =)

You can add a firebug on IE, it is called 'Firebug Lite', designed for IE browser. And i hope you will now be 'shucked' when you 'this covered' things like this :D . Great experienced though.

@b8c201e033e405d60b3a02a685ffb0c8:disqus , yes. According the firebug site, Firebug Lite works with even IE6 then up. I just don't know how to install this on IE though. Do you have any idea or links on how to?

ive tried it. and it work
just try this link

it will some instructions basically the firebug lite will
work if you'll gonna link the firebug lite js file to the head of your main file. you can have it online linking or LAN linking

Hmm, thanks @57d395eedf0f22ad5293d7fe2ac249cd:disqus! I'll give it a try when I get the time. So busy this time for school project.

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