Passerelles Numeriques All Batch Event: Dance Battle Competition

It was raining so hard when our class was dismissed at CEAC. Though most of us felt cold, I knew in my mind that majority of us are feeling relaxed due to the unfavorable weather. The staff has set a Dance Battle competition within the PN Scholars on the latter part of the day as what is customary on every first Saturday of the month. And talking about dancing, I’m not really that favorable with that kind of activity. That‘s why I sort of describe our feeling earlier as relaxed due to the weather.

As what we almost considered as custom routine during Saturday classes, we had our lunch at the old Tado’s (now Chickey’s) which is just across the University of San Carlos. Lunch was quick since most of us are really excited to get home. Suddenly, the rain stopped and the feeling of shyness seemed to consume me thinking that the Dance Battle will push through. After a short while, we found ourselves slowly ascending following the road towards the Family Park. It is where our regular activities on every first Saturday of the month are held. We have almost reached the top when we received information that the venue of the activity will be held in the center instead since the grounds at the Family Park are wet or rather muddy. We have no choice but to change route and head for the center.

Just a few minutes after we reached the center, the weather started to become rough again. We waited for quite a while until the rain slowed and finally come to a stop.
Then Ate Rosalyn MiƱoza, one of PN Philippines’ Education Team, announced that the activity will continue and that we are expecting Mr. Thery Beord, a representative from the French Embassy who will be judging the competition. All scholars hastily prepare for their dance steps.
The contest will be done by group which is based on the usual grouping we had from our previous Saturday activities and are composed of first year, second year and third year students mixed up. The categories of the contest are Hip-hop and Swing which means each group will divide its members into two to participate both categories. There are eight groups in all, with group names derived from IT terms combined weirdly such as WiFi Projector, 3D Printer, DVI, 4G, Bluetooth Mouse and more.

Before the contest begins, the scholars had group pictures together with Ma’am Virginie Lombard, PN Philippines General Manager. All scholars seemed to enjoy the activity based on the smiles captured on the camera. Except for some that seemed to look bewitched for some reason that which I do not know.

The contest started with lots of cheers and all sort of noises from the audience. Some performers finished their numbers while others suddenly exit with their music still on the first or second stanzas. Others have to make a ‘take two’ with ridiculous murmurs from the audience. You can hear yells and cheering from time to time as if you’re watching a TV fighting scene, or a comedy and sometimes a little bit of horror. Not on the face of the audience, but on the performers.

The contest ended with the recognition of the winners. Only then I realized how foolish it is to assume, or perhaps ask something not to happen when it brings so much laughter and joyous cheering and so much life to people when that something happens.


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